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Specifically designed for the needs of day traders, aimed at profiting from high market volatility.

Predict whether the price of your favorite token will rise or fall. Guess correct to win!


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Find the perfect moment and take bets or create your own, predicting the future value of chosen tokens.


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How it works

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A P2P betting system allows users to long and short all assets available on Uniswap with leverage. By using Logium you can bet on over 500 cryptocurrencies.

How it works

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A “bet”, professionally referred to as an “option” or “position”, is a P2P agreement between two users about the future price of any ERC20 asset. In the system, users place bets against each other, where one user predicts the price to go up, while the other one predicts it to go down.

How it works

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Only one user, who makes the right price prediction, wins and earns 100% of the opponent's bet. Bets are settled after a fixed duration of time. It can be 1 hour, 6 hours, 1 day, 7 days, or 1 month.


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